Ambulatory Treatment Unit /Infusion Center

Ambulatory Treatment Unit /Infusion Center

The Saint Clare’s Hospital Ambulatory Treatment Unit / Infusion Center is located within the Denville Campus, and is staffed by Registered Nurses who provide specialized care to meet the ongoing medical needs of children, adolescents, and adults.

Services that are provided include blood and/or blood component transfusions, antibiotic infusion therapy, vaccinations/immunizations, injections, pharmaceutical infusions for certain medical conditions, treatment for rabies exposure, and therapeutic phlebotomy.

Additional on-site services are available to the patient which include: radiology services, lab services/blood bank, inhalation/respiratory therapy, cardiology/EKG services, social services, pharmacy, and access to a hospitalist. A full service Emergency Department is also available if needed.

Ambulatory Treatment Unit Hours of operation are:

Tuesday through Saturday, 7:30-4pm.

Sunday and Monday appointments are reserved for emergent patient treatments or continuous therapy needs, i.e. daily IV antibiotic therapy, blood transfusions, rabies prophylaxis per protocol.

All appointments for treatment require a physician order. Patients can schedule an appointment by contacting Call One Central Scheduling Office at 1-888-808-1234.