Our Facility

Our Facility

Planned for nearly a decade, The Katena Center for Mother and Child at Saint Clare’s Hospital/Denville boasts 48,000 square feet of space that features 23 all-private suites and a completely renovated and expanded admission nursery. The new Center also features an all-new, expanded Level II Intermediate Care Nursery, offering specialized medical care for newborns that need special attention during the first days of life. The Katena Center provides everything you’ll need to start your life together as a growing family.

Private Suites
Our all-private Mother/Baby suites have been designed to create a comfortable, “homelike” setting for our families. Each suite has been carefully designed with a décor of rich woods, new furnishings, soothing colors and subtle lighting. This design allows new moms, dads, siblings — and the entire family — to enjoy their time with the new arrival in a warm, cozy setting.

Each suite features a pull-out bed for overnight guests, a comfortable rocking chair for mom, an all-tile, beautifully appointed private bath with shower and hairdryer, refrigerator, TV, VCR, DVD, and high-speed internet access in every room. Our suites also afford mom the opportunity to have her baby with her at all times. All suites are equipped with the latest security and monitoring technology to ensure the security and health of mother, baby, and family.

Admission Nursery
Our newly renovated and expanded nursery provides immediate care following birth. The nursery provides total care for those who prefer it, or mothers can choose to have their babies with them all or part of the time. The nursery is surrounded by windows for a constant view of the newborn and features the latest equipment and technology to ensure the best care for the baby.

Level II Intermediate Care Nursery
Sometime newborns, especially those who are born premature or with health problems, need that extra bit of medical care during the first few days of life. Our all-new Level II Intermediate Care Nursery features eight bassinets and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, new monitoring and charting systems, private rooms for moms to breastfeed or bond in privacy, and a separate family waiting area – all contained within the same location.

Our staff of specialized, board-certified neonatologists is on-hand to meet the unique requirements of our “special needs” newborns.