Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Neighbors Healing Neighbors

We understand that when we have a positive impact on one neighbor, that, in turn, impacts the entire community. Go behind-the-scenes of our Neighbors Healing Neighbors ad campaign for exclusive interviews with our patients and the surgeon, paramedics, counselor, and physical therapists who got them back to doing what they were called to do.

Meet Bruce

Dr. Bruce Kahn has a reputation around County College of Morris for being passionate about teaching. It was now his turn to be schooled. Bruce was having a heart attack. He wanted to go to a hospital where his wife worked, but Andrea and Aaron impressed upon him that he didn't have time and should go to Saint Clare's Denville Hospital. Bruce agreed and paramedics sped him here to a successful recovery. Now Bruce looks back at "the most important decisions ever made for me" with gratitude for his quick thinking paramedic team.

Meet Brandon

Brandon was the kind of local high school soccer star that gets a full scholarship offer from a Division 1 college. Unfortunately, 7 months before he was to report to preseason training, he dislocated his shoulder. To Brandon, the scholarship seemed doomed. College soccer seemed impossible. Jen would have none of that. After his surgery, she worked tirelessly to get his body and mind back in playing shape. Brandon not only showed up on time, but started all 4 years. Jen even went to his championship game to continue cheering him on.

Meet Margie

If you want to meet someone brave, you have to meet Margie. It’s a big step to seek help for yourself. And that’s what Margie did at Saint Clare’s Behavioral Health. With the guidance of Ann Marie and her team, Margie developed the tools to manage her anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and overcome the frightening prospect of taking on an uncertain world. She now even works part-time helping young adults with disabilities gain employment. Much success, Margie.

Meet Ben

Ben is an institution at Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital. That’s what happens when you care for thousands of neighbors over the years and ask for nothing in return. So when Ben got colon cancer, it was time for his neighbors, in the form of a top surgical team, to care for him. It’s what Dr. Huang and the rest of us do here at Saint Clare’s Health; to give back to a community that continually looks out for its own. After all, we live and work here too.