Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Services

Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Services

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Our Alcohol and Chemical Dependency (ACDS) program is rooted in our team philosophy: fighting addiction, saving lives, and healing families. We know that treatment and recovery is a journey and each member of the ACDS team has made the long-term commitment of helping their clients reach their recovery goals. When an individual joins our program, he or she is joining a family that is dedicated to supporting and strengthening every person that enters our program.

Our Team

Our staff of licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors (LCADC), masters-level clinicians, and social workers who specialize in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring disorders, understand there is no single-approach or one-size-fits all timeline for treatment. We work collaboratively with board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed and registered nurses, and advanced practice nurses to develop a customized recovery program that best suits each person’s needs, schedule, and lifestyle.

Our Approach

Client care begins at initial assessment and is directed as a team effort between the client and our team. Our assessment allows us to identify the appropriate level of care for each client and match each person with the program that best suits his or her needs.

In addition to unsurpassed treatment and support, our program also offers the following benefits:

  • Transportation available until 4pm
  • APN on staff daily for medication needs
  • Mental health counseling for aftercare
  • Evening hours to accommodate work
  • Family support services and resources available

Our Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program: The intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers an option for clients not requiring inpatient level of care or for those who have recently completed an inpatient treatment program. The IOP is a group-based program held three days per week and has either morning or evening hours available. The sessions are three hours in length and offer educational information on substance use and coping skills, as well as group therapy. Clients also will have an individual clinician assigned at intake and will meet weekly with this clinician for one-on-one counseling. For clients with a mental health diagnosis, we have an advanced practice nurse (APN) on staff to provide psychiatric care and assessment.

Outpatient Program: The outpatient program (OP) is for clients who have completed the IOP program. In some cases, clients may be assessed as only requiring an OP level of care and may begin their treatment in this group if deemed clinically appropriate. This level of care is less intense and typically meets once weekly for group therapy and once weekly for individual counseling sessions, with morning and evening hours available.

There is also a distinct track of the OP program for people who may have mental health and substance abuse disorders, also known as co-occurring disorders. Individuals will meet twice weekly for group therapy, to enhance stability for both substance abuse and mental health treatment.

The goal of the outpatient program is to help transition clients from a therapeutic setting to “living life on life’s terms” and allowing them to implement their recovery plan and coping skills in daily living, while maintaining therapeutic support if needed.

Our Location

Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Services
Saint Clare’s Behavioral Health Boonton
130 Powerville Road, Boonton, NJ 07005
Phone: 888-626-2111