Inpatient Programs & Services

Inpatient Programs & Services


In addition to our many outpatient programs, Saint Clare’s offers inpatient units for adult, child, and adolescent patients who require the resources and safety of a hospital setting.

Our Programs

  • Adult Crisis Intervention Service (ACIS)
    Adult Crisis Intervention Services is a voluntary inpatient unit that provides behavioral health services to adults 18+ who require hospitalization. This unit provides comprehensive psychiatric interventions to those who are in crisis and need stabilization in a secure environment. Our services are delivered through a multi-disciplinary team - including a psychiatrist, social workers, registered nurses, and behavioral health counselors - and include a variety of treatments such as group therapy, individual counseling, special activities and leisure counseling. The team’s goal is to assist individuals in developing coping skills to manage life crises and maintain wellness and recovery.
    The ACIS unit is available 24-hours a day. For more information, please call Psychiatric Emergency Services at 973-625-6150.
  • Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit (ACDU)
    The Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit is an inpatient unit that offers medical detoxification services to individuals addicted to opioids, alcohol and benzodiazepines. It is for patients who require a hospital setting due to acute intoxication or withdrawal, or for those whose chemical dependency has progressed to the point where an inpatient admission is necessary to address the severity of their addiction. The Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit provides assessment, consultation and treatment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    For more information on the Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit, please call the Behavioral Health Access Center at 1-888-626-2111 between the hours of 8 am-6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm, and on weekends, please call the unit directly at 973-316-1888.
  • Children’s Crisis Intervention Services (CCIS)
    Children’s Crisis Intervention Services is designated by the New Jersey Division of Child Behavioral Health Services as a 28-bed child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit. It serves children and adolescents ages 5 through 17 who have been professionally assessed for psychiatric hospitalization. The unit utilizes patient and family education and treatment to develop coping skills and strengthen support system. A comprehensive post-discharge plan is developed to reduce or prevent future hospitalization.
    CCIS Services employs a multidisciplinary treatment team - which includes board certified child psychiatrists, masters-prepared clinicians, registered nurses, and behavioral health counselors - who work together to provide the best possible care and the safest environment for young patients. Patients are offered both individual and group therapies, and the individual’s family is actively involved in all aspects of the care provided. The services offered through the Children’s Crisis Intervention Services treatment program include medication and medication monitoring, discharge planning, and linking the patient and family to the appropriate services available.
    For more information on Children’s Crisis Intervention Services, please call Psychiatric Emergency Services at 973-625-0280.
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)}
The Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit is designed to help adults 18+ who suffer from various forms of acute mental illness and exhibit danger to themselves or others. The PICU is an involuntary, inpatient unit that provides highly structured, intensive treatment to individuals who are experiencing serious behavioral, emotional, or psychological problems. The program offers treatment, resource linkages, and learning opportunities that relate to each person’s individual goals. All patients and families are treated with courtesy, consideration and respect for dignity and individuality, while focusing on the principles of wellness and recovery.
For more information, please call Psychiatric Emergency Services Psychiatric Emergency Services at 973-625-0280.


  • Adult Crisis Intervention Service (ACIS)
  • Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Unit (ACDU)
  • Children’s Crisis Intervention Services (CCIS)
  • Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

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