Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Meet Officer Pritchard

Officer Jim Pritchard has protected lives in our community for 26 years. So when he experienced cardiac arrest, the team at Saint Clare’s, including surgeon, Barry Lowell, and cardiac rehab nurse, Jan Blanc, went into action saving his life. It was touch and go when Jim arrived at Saint Clare’s Health in Denville. Our emergency and cardiac teams went into action performing CPR while Dr. Lowell cleared the 100% arterial obstruction. Jim felt fortunate that he was treated locally in the cardiac catheterization lab by our award-winning cardiac team, and received the cardiac rehabilitation he needed to recover. The entire team, in turn, feels grateful that Jim has served them for so many years.

Meet Bruce

Dr. Bruce Kahn has a reputation around County College of Morris for being passionate about teaching. It was now his turn to be schooled. Bruce was having a heart attack. He wanted to go to a hospital where his wife worked, but Andrea and Aaron impressed upon him that he didn't have time and should go to Saint Clare's Denville Hospital. Bruce agreed and paramedics sped him here to a successful recovery. Now Bruce looks back at "the most important decisions ever made for me" with gratitude for his quick thinking paramedic team.

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