Lifeline Emergency Response

With our population aging rapidly, the rising costs of long-term care, and the length of stay in hospital precipitously decreasing, family caregivers must assume more of a hands-on role with the medical and personal care of their loved ones.

For the cost of installation and a little more than a dollar a day, Lifeline Emergency Response provides quick assistance whenever personal support is needed, especially in a medical emergency. With Lifeline, many seniors, individuals with physical challenges, and people with sensitive medical conditions can live independently and safely at home. For their caregivers, Lifeline provides peace of mind and reassurance knowing that 24-hour emergency assistance is available at their loved ones fingertips.

How Lifeline Works
To call for help, subscribers simply press the Lifeline Personal Help Button they wear as a pendant or on a wristband. The Personal Help Button activates a small, in-home communicator that automatically dials the Lifeline Response Center. Within seconds, the call will be answered by a caring, highly-trained representative.

Lifeline communicators contain a highly sensitive speakerphone that enables two-way communication between the Lifeline representative and the subscriber, even if they can't get to the phone. If a subscriber presses the Personal Help Button and can't speak, the Lifeline representative will quickly send assistance… whether it's a neighbor, relative or emergency medical personnel.

Because the subscriber's important information is instantly available, Lifeline representatives can quickly determine the type of help needed and dispatch it. Subscribers to make monthly check-in calls to let Lifeline know how they're doing, and to make sure their Lifeline equipment is working properly. In fact, most of our incoming calls are check-in calls, rather than emergencies.

How to Subscribe

The Lifeline Service is used by more than 400,000 subscribers nationwide through a network of 2,500 hospitals, community agencies, and senior living facilities. In northwestern New Jersey, Lifeline is offered through theVisiting Nurse Association of Saint Clare's.

For more information on costs and how to subscribe, please call 973-729-7078.