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Our Pathway to Excellence Journey

Pathway to excellence awardOn November 19, 2014 Saint Clare’s received the news that its hospitals have received the coveted Pathway to Excellence® designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Upon receipt, Saint Clare’s is the second hospital in the state of New Jersey to receive this national designation. The Pathway to Excellence program recognizes health care organizations for positive practice environments where nurses excel.
The Vision for Pathway to Excellence - "Pathway to Excellence healthcare organizations will be know for creating work environments where nurses can flourish. They will be places identified as nursing practice settings where a collaborative atmosphere prevails with a positive impact on nurse job satisfaction and retention. They will be seen as best places to work because a balanced life-style is encouraged, where nurses feel their contributions are valued as patient care partners in heath care to the community."* By receiving the Pathway to Excellence designation, Saint Clare's has met the 12 practice standards:

  1. Nurses control the practice of nursing
  2. The work environment is safe and healthy
  3. Systems are in place to address patient care and practice concerns
  4. Orientation prepares nurses for the work environment
  5. The CNO is qualified and participates in all levels of the organization
  6. Professional development is provided and used
  7. Equitable compensation is provided
  8. Nurses are recognized for achievements
  9. A balanced lifestyle is encouraged
  10. Collaborative interdisciplinary relationships are valued and supported
  11. Nurse managers are competent and accountable
  12. A quality program and evidence-based practices are used