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Is Bariatric Surgery for Me?MBSAQIP

The decision to undergo bariatric (weight loss) surgery is complex, unique to each individual and a very personal decision. Bariatric surgery is a major undertaking, and though most patients enjoy an improvement in obesity-related health conditions and self-esteem after a successful weight loss surgery, these should not be the only factors in deciding to have the surgery. You must be willing to make the changes necessary in your life for continued success.

We recommend a seminar where you can meet an experienced bariatric surgeon, meet other individuals considering the surgery, receive additional information and ask questions. When you make the decision to meet with the surgeon, you will gain more knowledge and can speak with the physician about your particular situation. If you decide to have the surgery, you will meet with your surgeon several times prior to your surgery. During these visits, the physician will discuss the procedure that is most suited for your lifestyle, weight loss and health goals, as well as recovery and maintenance.

As part of the routine evaluation for bariatric surgery, and an element of a comprehensive program, you will be required to consult with a dietitian or nutritionist and behavioral specialist . This is to help establish a clear understanding of the post-operative changes in behavior and lifestyle that are essential for long-term success.

Bariatric surgery is a way to help people achieve desired lifestyles and weight loss goals, assist in reducing or eliminating health issues, and is unique to every person. Always remember there is risk with every surgery. Bariatric surgery will not guarantee these results in everyone, and extents will vary, but trusting an experienced surgeon and medical facility, as well as having nutritional and personal support, realistic goals can be set, achieved and maintained.

Guidelines to qualify for bariatric surgery:

  • Efforts to lose weight with diet and exercise have been unsuccessful
  • Your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or higher.
  • Your BMI is 35 or more and you have serious weight-related health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

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