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Back, Neck, Limb & Hand Rehabilitation

Appointments:The Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at:
Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital: 973-989-3121
Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital: 973-625-6558


The aim of Saint Clare’s back, neck, extremity, and hand rehabilitation programs is to help each patient reduce their pain and dependence on medication as well as help them increase mobility and improve their overall quality of life.

Our Approach

Back, Neck & Extremity Rehabilitation: Back pain is one of the most common complaints treated by physicians and, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, up to 85 percent of adults will be affected by it at some point in their lives. Saint Clare’s provides specific services to address the needs of patients with neck, back, and extremity pain. Our McKenzie Method-certified physical therapists use the latest therapeutic techniques to formulate a personalized treatment program designed for each patient’s needs. The goals of our program include:

  • Centralizing and reducing pain
  • Restoring tolerance for normal functional activities of daily living
  • Minimizing the risk of recurring pain from abnormal posture and movements
  • Teaching strategies and exercise for self-pain relief
  • Decreasing the need for pain medication
  • Reducing the number of return visits to your physician for complaints of pain

Prospective patients and physicians who would like to learn more about the McKenzie Method for treatment of neck, back, or extremity pain, may call us directly at 973-625-6558. For additional information, visit:

Hand Rehabilitation: Saint Clare’s certified hand therapists provide rehabilitation of the upper limb, including the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder girdle. Our therapists combine occupational and physical therapy theory with best practices to assess, plan, and treat the upper limb to restore function and reverse damage.

Our certified hand therapists (CHT) have a minimum of five years of clinical experience. They have successfully passed an examination of advanced clinical skills and theory, and meet mandated criteria to maintain this specialized credential.

Our therapists provide treatment for:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Tendon and nerve disorders
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Non-operative or conservative intervention
  • Preventive care and ergonomic evaluation
  • Static and dynamic splinting
  • Arthritis
  • Post-stroke and neurological rehabilitation

Whether they say our CHTs are the best “hands down,” or they simply give us the “thumbs up,” satisfied patients and referring surgeons continue to trust us as patients regain function and return to work and to their favorite activities.

Our Locations

Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine at Saint Clare’s Health

Select services are available at our Denville and Dover Hospitals.

The Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at:
Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital: 973-989-3121
Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital: 973-625-6558