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Speech & Swallowing Rehabilitation

Appointments:The Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at:
Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital: 973-989-3121
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There are a variety of underlying physical or mental conditions that can make verbal communication difficult. Through individualized, one-on-one therapy, Saint Clare’s speech pathologists may be able to improve speech and language skills in adult and pediatric patients who have speech or cognitive conditions that interfere with communication.

For adults with difficulty swallowing, we offer swallow testing as well as rehabilitation to help them improve swallowing.

Our Approach

Adult Speech & Swallowing Therapy: For adults with speech, voice, cognitive, or swallowing problems, the speech pathologists at Saint Clare’s are ready to help. Specialized treatments can improve many communication or swallowing problems related to:

We recommend that adults with swallowing difficulties speak to their physician about their concern and discuss the underlying cause. If ordered by the doctor, our licensed speech pathologists can perform a clinical swallow evaluation. If a more advanced modified barium swallow study (MBS) is recommended by your physician, we can perform this study in partnership with Saint Clare’s radiology department. Once a problem is identified, our therapists will provide expert care, setting goals and a plan of care specific to the patient’s needs.

Pediatric Speech Therapy: Parents, friends, and teachers are often the first to notice a child’s difficulty with hearing, speaking, or listening. Signs of these difficulties may include:

  • Trouble expressing ideas
  • Use of language is distinctly different from his or her age peers
  • Speech that is difficult to understand
  • Trouble hearing or understanding what others are saying
  • Hesitation to communicate due to self-consciousness about his or her speech

A speech language pathologist, or speech therapist, can evaluate your child’s speech and language abilities. “Speech” refers to the actual production of sounds that make up the words. “Language” refers to the ability to understand or use language to communicate ideas.

Once the speech therapist identifies the problem, a plan of care will be developed to address the child’s specific needs. The goals may begin with productions of sounds and progress to production of words and sentences. The plan of care is discussed with the child’s parent and activities to develop the child’s skills at home will be assigned. When appropriate, our speech therapists will work with your child’s school or Early Intervention Program to coordinate the best care for your child.

If your child is under the age of three (3) years, you can call the Early Intervention Services Department for the state of New Jersey at 888-653-4463.

If your child is three (3) years of age and older, you should contact your school district’s Department of Special Services and request services for your child.

Our Locations

Center for Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine at Saint Clare’s

Select services are available at our Denville and Dover locations.

The Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at:
Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital: 973-989-3121
Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital: 973-625-6558