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In Case of Emergency Dial: 91124/7 Saint Clare’s Ambulance Dispatch: 973-537-5636


The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department of Saint Clare's Health System is committed to providing rapid and compassionate emergency care to the people of northwest New Jersey.

Our staff strives to be the pre-hospital healthcare provider of choice in the communities we serve. Utilizing state-of-art equipment, including one of the newest ambulance fleets in the region, and staff with experience, we strive to exceed expectations while remaining a cost effective solution to your medical transportation needs.

Our Services

MICU: Our mobile intensive care units (MICU) are staffed by two licensed paramedics - certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and pre-hospital trauma advanced life support - with the ability to bring the skills of an emergency room to your door. Covering 1,200 square miles across three counties, and serving more than 750,000 members of our community in northwest New Jersey, our caring team leverages modern technology and time-honored caring to provide the highest levels of emergency care to you and your loved ones.

SCTU: The specialty care transport unit (SCTU) is a specialized ambulance, staffed by highly trained registered nurses (RNs) and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) that provides inter-facility transport for critically-ill patients. The SCTU serves high-risk patients ranging from newborns to those of advanced age with multiple medical problems. These ambulances carry state-of-the-art equipment for cardiac monitoring, advanced life support medications, portable ventilators and intra-aortic balloon pumps. This allows a smooth transfer of care between one facility and another, minimizing the stress on the patients and their families.

BLS/Ambulance Services: The dedicated employees of Saint Clare’s most active ambulance unit transports patients with diverse needs to a variety of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctors’ appointments, and personal residences. Our BLS/ambulance service proudly provides local, regional, and long distance transports. From wheelchair service to specialized bariatric services, this unit delivers compassionate care during both emergency and general medical transport. To schedule a service or for more information, please contact (973) 537-5636.

Special Operations: Our special operations division provides highly specialized services for area law enforcement agencies. Saint Clare’s tactically trained paramedics augment various SWAT and SERT teams in the region, and provide on-scene medical stabilization and medical transport of those needing treatment. Special operations also provide logistical support for numerous large-scale events including Gooch's Garlic Run, Run for Ryan and the NJ State Fair Farm & Horse Show.

Education and Community Outreach: Saint Clare's EMS employees are among the most qualified personnel in their respective specialties. We also partner with the community to facilitate the distribution and maintenance of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). If your organization needs assistance with upgrading the software to the latest manufactures' guidelines, we will be glad to assist you.

If you would like an ambulance or MICU unit to visit your organization, or would like our emergency medical professionals to speak to your organization on emergency preparedness, call 973-537-5656.

Our Locations

Emergency Medicine at Saint Clare’s Health

Saint Clare's Denville Hospital (ED open 24/7)
25 Pocono Road, Denville, NJ 07834
Phone: 973-625-6063

Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital Psychiatric Emergency Care (open 24/7)
25 Pocono Road, Denville, NJ 07834

Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital (ED open 24/7)
400 West Blackwell Street, Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: 973-989-3200