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Pharmacy at Saint Clare’s

The Pharmacy Department plays an integral role in the delivery of optimal patient care at Saint Clare’s Hospital. The multidisciplinary team is comprised of the management team, pharmacists, and support staff.


Saint Clare’s Hospital pharmacists are our local medication experts. Pharmacists provide pharmaceutical services in many facets, ranging from preparing and dispensing drugs, to providing advice and expertise on the proper use of all medications. Pharmacists use their wide range of knowledge and resources to assist physicians and nurses with drug selection, dosage, avoiding drug interactions, and identifying side effects. They provide medication education to both patients and healthcare professionals, and help with the assessment, planning, and monitoring of drug therapy.

Support Staff

The support staff of the Pharmacy Department is comprised of pharmacy technicians and inventory staff who round out the full spectrum of services that are provided by the department. Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist so that medications can be prepared and dispensed in a timely manner.


The Pharmacy Department utilizes advanced technology systems and equipment to help with drug preparation and dispensing. Recent extensive renovations of our departments have created state-of-the-art IV cleanroom suites to ensure safe preparation of all sterile IV medications. We use bar-code scanning, laminar flow IV preparation hoods, automated dispensing cabinets and robotic packagers to provide high-quality care with advanced safety features.