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Thyroid Cancer Nurse Navigator

Phone: 973-983-5244

About Us

If you have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, we offer a complimentary and exclusive thyroid nurse navigator, at The Center for Cancer Care at Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital. The navigator is available to support and guide you through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Our Team

Our thyroid nurse navigator works closely with our multidisciplinary team of experts including endocrinologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine technologists, nurses, ultrasound technologists and licensed social workers who collaborate to provide a custom, comprehensive treatment plan for every patient and family.

Our Approach

The goal of a nurse navigator is to assure that you receive timely, quality treatment for your cancer. The navigator works with your team to coordinate all of the services you will need to fight your cancer. Our patient navigator is available to you from the time your cancer is detected through survivorship. In addition to efficiently coordinating your care, the navigator is compassionate and available to discuss all the ways your diagnosis affects your life.

Patient Navigation Services

Find the information you need to make decisions
Your navigator can ensure that you have the most current and complete information on your treatment options.

Answer questions about your care
Your navigator is available for any questions about your diagnosis and treatment, and will consult with physicians and other care providers as needed to help you find the answers.

Coordinate appointments with physicians and other care providers
The navigator will ensure that your appointments are scheduled as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Coordinate referrals to other support services
You’ll have access to services such as nutrition counseling or social services, which will benefit your cancer treatment and recovery.

Let you know what to expect during appointments and treatment
Our knowledgeable thyroid cancer navigator can give you previews of what will happen during each appointment.

Identify sources of financial support
If you don’t have health insurance, the navigator can help you find sources of financial assistance.

Provide emotional support and understanding
Cancer treatment can be physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding. We can help minimize the stress by discussing your concerns and referring you to sources of helpful information and support.

Coordinate any follow-up care at the completion of treatment
Your navigator can help guide you to the next stage of recovery and through survivorship.

The Center for Cancer Care

Saint Clare's Denville Hospital
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Phone: 973-983-5244